Working with Feagley Realtors' depth of experience and breadth of local knowledge and contacts made the whole experience of moving to a new area painless and fun. Would do it again!

by Will Wenham

(Jan) was a lifesaver! She grasped the concept of what we wanted, which was to fix up the property, bring an improved tenant mix and increase the net income in order to eventually sell the property at the best price attainable. Through her efforts we were successful. She was able to generate a substantial increase in net income and with new tenants screened by her methods, they actually paid on time! The property went from money-losing eyesore to a very desirable complex that we were able to sell at an attractive price. I would highly recommend Jan to anyone who has property that they need managed in an economical and efficient manner. She uses reliable subcontractors to perform maintenance and repairs. Jan has gone above and beyond in servicing our property and I am very pleased with the results of her hard work. Sincerely,

by Richard H. Scatena

I have done business with Feagley Realtors for about five years. During this period, they have sold several properties for me. I would wholeheartedly recommend them. They are professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I would not hesitate to use them again.

by Phil Goldstien

Feagley Realtors gave us total confidence throughout the negotiations resulting in a seamless and very successful settlement to the sale. It was a pleasure to work with their personable and easy-going style and to successfully conclude a complex deal across an international divide.

by Tim Jenvey

Jan Feagley is a great lady. I've know her for about 15 years now and she's helped me choose and qualify tenants for my properties 6 or 7 times. She has standerds as to how to prepare a property for rent. In fact, I couldn't clean my place to her satisfaction! So, I had her team do it. She does an excellent job which is why I keep coming back. I'm going to use Feagley Realtors when it's time to sell too.

by Sam Davis